Pawan Kalyan's Reaction On Murder

By - April 09, 2016 - 07:39 PM IST

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Once you become a celebrity film star it is not only about you offering entertainment to his fans, it is also about taking that initiative and creating a difference in the society with your gestures and acts. This is the basic expectation the common people have from the stars and that’s how it works in India.

Given that, power star Pawan Kalyan enjoys immense following and tremendous mania among the youth and masses alike. So, many were waiting to see if Pawan is going to respond to a tragedy involving his fan. We already reported about an unfortunate incident where a boy named Rakesh Nayak got into a fight with an anti-Pawan group and got killed.

While the boy is no more, Pawan Kalyan is yet to give his response or reaction to this incident. His silence is being interpreted in different ways so let us hope the power star comes out and says something about this. Hope at least by his word, frenzy activities by some fans can be avoided.

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