Director Maruthi's Handwriting

By - June 01, 2016 - 02:50 PM IST

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Since the inception of Telugu cinema, only one man had the honour of being recognized just by his handwriting even without his presence. He is the legendary filmmaker Bapu and his font was quite special with an artistic identity. Even his sketches and drawings are quite popular even today.

Now, another person might just join this club on the basis of his handwriting. He is none other than director Maruthi. It is heard that Maruthi writes titles with his own hand and the font you see on the posters of his movies are his own works. There is a relevant past behind this story.

Prior to entering the industry, Maruthi was a very good painter and he is a very good calligrapher. So, he is bringing back that same talent and coming up with his own style of fonts for his movie titles. His next venture is Babu Bangaram and the title font is being appreciated by many.

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