Most Wanted Film Of The Season

By - June 11, 2016 - 09:02 AM IST

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Though there is a flood of movies which keep coming in every Friday there are those rare movies which grab sufficient attention to become the hot properties. One such movie which has attracted the entire nation is the Bollywood flick Udta Punjab featuring the vegetarian hunk Shahid Kapoor in the lead.

The film got battered badly by the censor board and the matter went all the way to court. It became a big fight between Bollywood and censor board. Finally, the court seems to have shown their stand towards the film opining that CBFC should only "certify but not censor" and the final judgement will be out on June 13.

If the ruling is in their favor then Udta Punjab will arrive with just one cut instead of the 90 cuts suggested by the censor board. There is a strong talk that this film is being stopped due to various political reasons than anything else. All this is sufficient for the audience to lap it up in theatres.