Tollywood Sentiment With Nadiya

By - June 11, 2016 - 09:16 AM IST

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Though a product like cinema works at the box office only through practical components such as story, cast, execution and entertainment quotient, there is something else which rules them all and it is sentiment. As irrational as it may sound, sentiment is something none of the cine folks get rid of.

That way, there are many sentiments surrounding many artists and now Tollywood has developed a sentiment with the senior actress Nadiya. Apparently, whatever movies she has done so far have become a big hit and the filmnagar circles are of the belief that having Nadiya would ensure a success.

On a practical note, Nadiya is not signing anything that comes her way. She has been quite selective about the scripts and projects which could also be a cause for her success rate. Well, as long as hits rule the industry, everybody is happy and if Nadiya is contributing to it, all the more better.