Nani Effect On Tamil Cinema

By - June 28, 2016 - 09:56 AM IST

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A new dawn is now arising in Tollywood wherein the Telugu heroes are opening their arms and trying to make their presence felt in other languages. Usually, the first target is Kollywood and one man who has created a strong effect is natural star Nani.

It all started with the movie Naan-Ee which is the dubbed version of the Telugu movie Eega. Later on, he was also seen in the Tamil movie Veppam and that way he created that impact among Tamil crowds. The fact that he has a ‘face in the crowd’ appeal added more to his craze.

So, every film of his is getting discussed and the demand for remake rights is also increasing. Now, his recent release Gentleman has become a big success in Tollywood and sources say remake version is being planned. In that also, Nani is expected to reprise his role. This will be interesting.

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