No Problem For 'Nayaki' Release!

By - July 02, 2016 - 03:35 PM IST

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Just recently there were reports that there could be hiccups for the release of the movie Nayaki featuring the petite beauty Trisha. The film was due for release on July 8th but then the Tamil version was going through a dubbing issue and the release was going to be delayed.
With this, there was a report that the Tamil producers were not happy with the Telugu version releasing early. However, here is the latest update. The Tamil producers have been contacted and a common consensus has been arrived at.
So, the Telugu release is happening as scheduled on July 8. As for the Tamil version, it is going to take place during the end of August.  Slated to be a horror comedy, Trisha would be the lead and this is the first time she is attempting such a unique project. Best of success to ‘Nayaki’ and team. 

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