Welcoming Business Idea By Top Hero

By - October 05, 2016 - 06:41 PM IST

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As a film celebrity there is sufficient money you make and after a while you start exploring other business investment opportunities. Most of the times, the route taken is real estate or hospitality industry as they fetch fruitful benefits and quick returns in a short span.

But here is one superstar whose business idea is touching the hearts of many and is quite welcoming. He is none other than mighty heart of Bollywood Salman Khan. Reports reveal he has decided to come up with a chain of film theatres across Maharashtra.

The interesting part is, these theatres are single screen setups which would screen movies charging tax free tickets for adults and free for kids. Salman strongly believes the ticket prices are exorbitant and he wants to cut down this tradition. Kudos to this superstar!

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