Andhra Univ Student Shocks RGV!

By - November 04, 2016 - 06:28 PM IST

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RGV is one personality whom you can either love/hate but can not ignore. The tweets he tweet, statements he make, logic he throws, the curiosity and aura around him is unfathomable. There is a niche audience that fancies or follows him/the filmmaker in him or his image/ideology. RGV seriously doesn't give a fish about all of it but here is a student who took RGV by surprise.
Going into the story, Praveen Yajjala, a research scholar in Telugu Department, Andhra University chose RGV’s life story as his thesis subject for PhD. Well this amazed not just you but indeed RGV also. Here is RGV's reaction after he learnt that his life story has become a PhD thesis subject - 
Many might have already read books on Varma (like Vodka with Varma written by Sira Sri) and even book written by RGV (Naa Ishtam) but there is still curiosity over the content and conclusion of Praveen's thesis! 

Though RGV may not endorse this, his life is making someone a 'doctor' - cheers!

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