Naruda DONORuda Movie Review & Ratings

By - November 04, 2016 - 04:46 PM IST

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Cast: Sumanth, Pallavi Subhash, Tanikella Bharani
Banner: SS Creations & Ram Reels
Music: Sricharan Pakala
Cinematographer: Shaneil Deo
Editor: Karthika Srinivas
Producer: Supriya
Director: Mallik Ram

Tagline: Partially Executed


Dr.Anjaneyulu (Tanikella Bharani) is the owner of a fertility clinic. He arranges sperm donation for childless couples. But he faces trouble in finding the right donor for this job. It is when he meets Vicky (Sumanth) and tries to convince him for sperm donation. While Vicky rejects the offer initially, he starts off doing it for the sake of money. He gets good money for the job and gets stabilized financially. He also falls in love with a bank employee Ashima Roy (Pallavi Subhash). They get married but even after long time, they turn childless. What is the reason behind this? How would it impact the relationship between Vicky and Ashima?- forms the rest of the plot.


Sumanth: After nearly two years, Sumanth acted in this film. While he tickles the funny bone as sperm donor, he did a great job as a husband who is away from his wife. His acting in the first half is somewhat overboard as these sort of roles are new to him.

Tanikella Bharani: He bagged a role almost next to the hero and used all his experience in bringing out the best. However, even he turned out somewhat loud in the first half.

Pallavi Subhash: She couldn’t suit the film’s role quite well and didn’t look glamorous either. She could excel only in few scenes.

Srilakshmi and Suman Shetty: After long time, we get to see Srilakshmi on screen and she impresses as the modern mom. Suman Shetty has little to do in the film except to watch wide eyed. There was good scope for his role to evoke laughter but the writer and director failed to achieve it.


This film is the remake of Bollywood hit Vicky Donor which earned good name as well as Box Office collections. Usually, a remake director plans to add his own perception and ideas to an already successful film but here the director didn’t make anything of that sort. He made the film frame by frame relating to the original and looks like a true copy. This must be perhaps the strong belief in the original film’s content. The first half goes on about sperm donation and would entertain people who are aware of this concept. The comedy scenes between Sumanth and Tanikella Bharani are good. The troubles faced by Dr.Anjaneyulu to convince Vicky for this job were treated well. 

However, the love track gets quite slowed down and the marriage looks scene is like a test for patience. The second half progresses on an emotional note with separation between the hero and heroine and Anjaneyulu’s struggle to unite them. The emotional scenes are really good. The performances are effective and the film follows the formula of first half comedy and second half emotions. The film gets strong in this regard and the audience needs to be prepared for bold scenes in it. Otherwise, it would be hard for first half to progress!


Sri Charan’s songs were used only as bits throughout the film. The background score is quite good.

Technical Aspects:

Despite the low budget and limitations, the camerawork impresses well. The dialogues entertain in the first half but even then most of them are bold and may not suit all sections of audience.


Naga Chaitanya’s cameo in the climax would delight Akkineni fans. The bold scenes in the first half could have been treated little more softly. The director focused on scene by scene remake but failed to induce nativity in the film.


A half bloomed “seed”. 

Avg User Rating- 3/5