Director Turned Chef Changed Hotel Field

By - November 22, 2016 - 06:32 PM IST

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To those of you who wish to become trendsetters, remember the thumb rule. You need to look at the same situation from an out of the box approach and this will give you ideas. Even if one among those ideas click then you have struck the Bull’s Eye.
The same has happened with a director turned chef and he has become a baron. His name is Venkat Kuchipudi and here is the story. Lately, it is being noticed that when hotels are set up outside, names like Maa Oori Biryani, Raju Gari Pulusu are coming.
This trend has picked up a lot and the main credit for that goes to Venkat Kuchipudi. It was him who started names like Ulavacharu Biryani Weekend At Kuchipudi and many others for his various joints and that brought the patronage of the food lovers. The same is now being followed by the others.