Celebs Need To Be Careful To Avoid Jail

By - December 02, 2016 - 11:21 AM IST

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You might just be treating your acting as a profession but it is not that simple. You are perceived as a celebrity and also as a role model to the society. So, anything you say and do tend to have its own set of consequences. The sensitivity goes high.
Currently, the entire nation is gripped in a new issue. The Supreme Court has given the verdict about national anthem to be played in theatres before the start of a film. This is being met with mixed reactions. Incidentally, this tradition is being followed religiously in the city of Mumbai.
Anyhow, the advice being given is celebs should be careful before commenting anything negative. It could become a constitutional case and they can land in jail. A democratic protest can happen but in limit. Legally, many sections would be there to land you in trouble so as a common man it is okay but it is not the same if you are a celebrity. Beware!

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