Baahubali Benefit Shows Face Katamarayudu Tension?

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You might be wondering what the current release Katamarayudu has got to do with the magnum opus Baahubali which is more than three weeks away. Well, the link between the two is the benefit shows. It has become a norm to hold benefit shows for big movies.

When Katamarayudu was arriving, benefit shows were organized but then the film had faced issues like shows getting cancelled in few key areas like Kukatpally. In few areas, the exhibitors did not get permissions and this led to some disappointment.

Now, the cine buffs are citing that such a situation should not happen to Baahubali because it’s release is going to be much bigger. Taking view of that, fans and the makers of the movie have already started doing the groundwork to ensure everything happens smoothly.

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