Will This Be Another Ghazi Attack?

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When the movie Ghazi arrived, there were a fair share of apprehensions as to how the movie would perform at the box office. However, the submarine attacked the box office in a big way and made good bucks. A large share of credit goes to director Sankalp Reddy.

Now, the talk is about another young director and discussion is, will he also spring a surprise like Sankalp. We are talking about Sujeeth who is working with young rebel star Prabhas. His movie is a trilingual in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil. Given that, he has a strong chance to become popular at national level.

The biggest plus is Prabhas who has become a nationwide celebrity with the magnum opus Baahubali. Since this is going to be his next after Baahubali the attention and curiosity is very high. Well, a lot of weight lies on Sujeeth’s shoulders so let us see how he handles it.

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