Rare Feat By Top Dancer

By - April 03, 2017 - 01:24 PM IST

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The expectations from you as a celebrity no longer stick to entertainment in this country. Many start looking at you as a role model to the society and your gestures are always looked at closely. True to that, film celebrities also do their bit to make a difference.

However, one man has chosen something very different. He is none other than the multi-talented Raghava Lawrence. Reports from Chennai reveal Lawrence has focused strongly on the transgenders otherwise called as Hijras in our country.

He has come up with welfare schemes for them along with creating a team which has few Hijras. Not stopping at that, he has now announced a part of his upcoming film’s collections would be used for the welfare activities of the Hijras. This is simply remarkable and commendable. Wishing all success to Lawrence!

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