Bad Omen Haunting New Director

By - June 27, 2017 - 05:36 PM IST

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There must be those among you who don’t believe in luck and strongly say you make your own luck but you should take some time out and try to know the stories of the film fraternity members. That will convince you how important and real is the stroke of luck.

There are many deserving heroes, heroines, directors and technicians who have it all except luck and their careers fizzle out. Currently, one director is being haunted by bad omen. His name is Yakub Ali and he was to make his debut with the movie Vellipomake.

Yakub could not have asked for a better entry because the film was taken by producer Dil Raju and he was keen to release it. However, all this was to happen last year but then many hiccups came in between and till now nobody has an idea when the film will release. Let us wish Yakub’s bad phase is over and his film releases soon.

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