What Are Kamal And Prakash Raj Upto?

By - November 04, 2017 - 10:13 AM IST

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Being a film star makes you an entertainer by profession but you also need to remember that in India, film stars are also considered as role models in society and every statement from them is taken seriously and attentively. Given that, statements related to religious stuff is always sensitive.

Despite that, it appears Universal Star Kamal Haasan and the powerhouse performer Prakash Raj seems to be on a tirade against the current government at the Center. Recently, Kamal came up with an official statement claiming Hindu Terrorism also exists which has not gone well with many.

Now, Prakash Raj has also come up with a tweet on similar lines. While they may want to express their opinion, it is the platform on which they are doing these things which is raising eyebrows. Some are saying all this is creating enough ammunition to grab attention before they take a plunge into politics.

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