Film Producers Need Support Like Farmers?

By - November 24, 2017 - 06:25 PM IST

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Perhaps the most riskiest role in the film industry is that of a producer because he is the person who puts in the money and the success rate has been quite dismal over many decades. While that is true, one demand from a senior actor is raising eyebrows. He is none other than the powerhouse performer Prakash Raj.

Sharing his thoughts with the media over the recent suicide of Kollywood producer Ashok Kumar, Prakash has demanded the government should start doing something about it. Those who heard this are asking does it look like a farmer’s death that government should intervene. If farmers die then pubic will die.

If producers don’t make movies people will not get affected so many say that the government need not think. To put things plainly, movie is believing in a story, investing on it and shaping it up. Yet, we don’t know what the result will be because it is a combination of 24 crafts. If it doesn’t work expecting the government to rescue doesn’t make sense.