Fat Look: Telugu Actress Puts On Weight

By - November 24, 2017 - 06:06 PM IST

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For you as an actress, the biggest nightmare would be adding those extra pounds to your body which can prove fatal to your opportunities. However, nature and age is one thing none of you can fight against but effort can be put to control your weight. The moment some extra pounds come, you become the talk of the tinsel town and media folks.

The talk now is about one Telugu actress who seems to have put on weight. She is none other than the petite beauty Madhavilatha. Despite having a sizeable acting quotient and naturally beautiful looks, Madhavilatha could not click as a heroine. Her last movie was Anushtaanam with the Guinness record holder Ghazal Srinivas.

The film is yet to release but before that Madhavilatha came into spotlight. Recently she went for ribbon cutting event in Vijayawada and the shutterbugs were all over her. What caught their attention is the extra flab this pretty lady had put on. While she has not lost her charm and cuteness, it is better Madhavilatha hits the gym soon.

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