No Helmet? Then Go To Jail

By - January 20, 2018 - 01:20 PM IST

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Slowly but steadily the city of Hyderabad and its traffic indiscipline has woken up the authorities and in their own way they are now tightening the noose on those who are least bothered about driving sense. The first step to that is the implementation of helmet rule and now it has been enhanced to serious consequences if you don’t wear it.

The Hyderabad traffic department has become stringent in terms of actions being taken and the latest example is that of anchor Pradeep getting caught in ‘drunk and drive’ checking. While he is undergoing the legal process, reports also reveal four youth were put in Chanchalguda jail by the judge for an hour.

So, because you haven’t worn a helmet do not think that you will get away with some Challan or some counseling. Traffic violations are being met with serious action by Hyderabad traffic police and it could go upto spending few hours or even days behind the bars based on the discretion of the authorities. Wake up and get your act together folks!