How Pradeep Escaped Imprisonment?

By - January 20, 2018 - 01:18 PM IST

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A lot is being discussed on the ‘drunk and drive’ cases which are increasing exponentially in Hyderabad. The authorities are putting an iron foot on this. As part of that, a 3 days to 10 days imprisonment is mandatory if the alcohol content is more than 178 when the checking is done.

Recently the noted anchor Pradeep was caught with such reading and many expected he would be in jail but that didn’t happen. The reason happens to be the judge’s discretion. Based on how the judge perceives it, the punishment would be there. Though rule of imprisonment is there the judge takes the final call.

In Pradeep’s case, the judge reportedly felt he is a celebrity and he is promising he would promote ‘do not drink and drive’ extensively and vowed he would not repeat it. Secondly, the driving license is cancelled for three years. Given that, Pradeep was exempted from prison. Prior to this, one film director was caught in drunk and drive. He cried in front of the judge and the latter made him stand in the Sun for half a day just like school punishment and sent him home.