VIjay Devarakonda Says Sorry to Adim H

By - January 20, 2018 - 05:08 PM IST

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It is a good thing that people have the right proportions of sense of humour. The Hyderabad City Police handles social media pages on Facebook and Twitter which is famous for all good things. Along with posting necessary information regarding city traffic, the team who handle these pages also post certain things which remind the citizens oftheir duties.

The "Admin H" who maintains the Hyderabad Police profiles is all famous for his sense of humor. He warns the citizens of the city by posting funny memes and hilarious stuff. A recent post from the 'admin h' is so funny and also gives a serious message as well. He posted a picture of Vijay Devarakonda from the movie Arjun Reddy and quoted it saying "Most common cause of death is 'HEAD INJURY'. Wear helmet", he warns.

The picture features Vijay Devarakonda driving a bike without a helmet. So, Vijay Devarakonda who is also equally famous for his right sense of humor quoted the pic and said, "Sorry Mama, Ippatinundi Pakka". This is not just a humorous discussion, but an effective way to convey to the youth also. The admin 'H' replied on a funny note again saying, "Thanks alludu nee style answer isthav ankunna". A good lead and a better way to convey a serious message to the youth.