Varun Tej's Film Based On Hollywood Hit?

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It is a common practice to take inspiration from Hollywood and other world cinema and come up with our very own customized script in Telugu. Sometimes, few filmmakers take a step ahead and do a freemake i.e lift and shift, without hesitation. Now, the discussion is about one project featuring mega prince Varun Tej.

Well, Varun’s next happens to be with the talented director Sankalp Reddy which is a science fiction movie and here is an inside scoop. Sources reveal the film’s inspiration is from the Hollywood flick ‘The Martian’. As such, the Hollywood flick is kind of recent and popular. If it is indeed lifted from there it will be known easily.

Having said that, we know Sankalp lifted the story of the 1981 German movie ‘Das Boot’ and made ‘Ghazi Attack’. So, the question is, will he lift ‘The Martian’ and make his next or will he lift it from another language movie. Lately, sci-fi movies are coming in good numbers so let us wish Sankalp is doing this with his own creation.

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