Poonam Kaur's Shocking Comments On PK

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We have mentioned many times about how politics has been one fetching field for the film folks especially those who are seeking ways and means to stay in news and garner some mileage. While there are those who have shined even in politics there are those who keep making their presence felt on and off.

For a long time, actress Poonam Kaur was known for her profile in the movie industry only but things changed when she was nominated as the brand ambassador for handloom for Andhra Pradesh state. During the Kathi Mahesh-Pawan Kalyan controversy, she popped in and made few attacking statements.

Some spotlight fell on her during that time and after that things cooled down. Now, Poonam is back again and that too in political news. Well, she came up with a post on Facebook citing how few people change their dresses, their methods and keep cheating people. While it is not sure who she is referring to, this topic will give enough feast to the media folks now.

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