Producer's Son In Sting Operation

By - March 16, 2018 - 12:35 PM IST

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As much as we boast of how technology has made a huge difference in our lives it has also brought with it few impending dangers that can destroy lives once for all. Since the last few years, the concept of sting operation has benefited the media circuit in a big way. And the best bet for them is the film celebrities.

Lately, one actress is creating a major ruckus about casting couch in Tollywood and she has become the sought after person for almost every TV channel. As she is busy blasting and blaming everyone for the way lives are getting spoiled, one TV channel did a sting operation and revealed how the actress was also part of it.

The channel showed how a top producer’s son was involved with the same actress albeit blurring the important parts. Without mincing a word, the actress said: “Yes it is mine, but I don’t want to reveal the names because their lives will get disturbed and I am sure they will be shocked just with this.” Wonder what the producer’s son must be going through now.

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