Actresses Are Busy Washing Sperms

By - March 16, 2018 - 12:52 PM IST

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Reading the headline might shake you off your seat and you might end up falling. You might think this is shocking and bold enough to react like that but there is one actress who has come out of the blue and has been harping about male dominance, exploitation of girls. She also believes power star Pawan Kalyan should give chance to Telugu girls only.

She is none other than Sri Reddy and this time she came with yet another bold statement in a TV interview. Well, Sri came down heavily on the casting coordinators and maintained that it is because of the many girls are being exploited sexually and end up only washing the sperms, spoiling their beds without getting any opportunities.

Thanks to Sri Reddy’s penchant and interest to come up with such statements, the TV channels are making the most of it and making her sit on the hot seat. The rationalists are saying this is yet another face in the crowd which is going to garner her share of mileage for few days so let us see how far Sri Reddy’s issue goes.

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