Babu Gogineni's Wife Is An Actress

By - April 11, 2018 - 10:14 AM IST

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Till about a few months ago you would not have even heard of this man but today almost everyone who watches TV will know who Babu Gogineni is. He is a humanist who believes his main job is to prove astrology and other beliefs are fake and Science is the only real thing. His observations have helped the news channels gain TRPs in a big way.

This time, Babu Gogineni spent his time interacting with a web channel and focusing on the Sri Reddy issue. In the midst of that, he revealed his own personal experience. Well, it turns out that Babu Gogineni’s wife is also an actress. Apparently, she has done a movie as a heroine but the details about the film were not revealed by him.

Of course, Babu Gogineni’s point of view was once again about how the industry has become sexist and after his wife did a movie, they returned to London and were never in touch with the industry. Keeping his perspective aside, many are now wondering who could be that lady and what could be the film. That’s the story for now folks!