All Heroes Fans Against Sri Reddy

By - April 18, 2018 - 12:47 PM IST

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The fury of Sri Sakthi aka Sri Reddy aka Sri Lekha seems like a strategic target and for many commoners, it has become a kind of nonsense now. Sri Reddy who raised her voice against Casting couch, worked well until she attacked Pawan Kalyan recently. Her recent moves and the way she has been trying to dictate the Telugu Film Industry is receiving so much fury from the common people of Telugu States. 

Sri Reddy who claims to be a victim of exploitation seems to be very bossy over the live debates when someone comes up with a valid point and asks her to do something legally. While she seems like running errands on how the movie people should work hereafter, how can she speak in such a way about a renowned person on a national platform is the real question.

We the common people are fed up with the things being telecasted over a few Telugu News channels lately. We are helpless and do not know how to 'UNSEE' something. It has become like a daily dosage of vulgarity to watch those shows and yes if you miss out something, here comes the suggestions list on Social Media trends and Youtube Trends to remind you of these stupid things.

We (representing the people who are disgusted by Sri Reddy's stuff) waited patiently for the issue to be solved, as we felt it would help many suppressed women. But, the moment Sri Reddy targets a person for no valid reason, she lost it.

Seen Sri Reddy doing emotional stunts and crying on the national media and blaming Pawan Kalyan's fans after she herself provoked them by abusing him. Not in the favor of trolls and virtual abusers, but trying to make a point that Sri Reddy was the person who started this murky thing. It all began after Pawan Kalyan was quizzed to talk about Sri Reddy's issue. Though there is nothing wrong in what Pawan Kalyan suggested them to do, these protests became a personal target eventually.

Sri Reddy literally targeted Pawan Kalyan personally and used a very vulgar word to abuse him. This resulted in mass provocation and thousands of people were offended. Coming to her claims about Pawan Kalyan's fans. Not just Pawan Kalyan's fans, we the common people together are offended by the way she has been behaving over the national media channels recently.

There were multiple trends by Mahesh Babu's fans in the support of Pawan Kalyan. Allu Arjun's fans, NTR's fans, Prabhas, and Nagarjuna's fans, and many other journalists are outraged by the way Sri Reddy spoke of a popular person. Check out the recent trends to see how the common people are fed up with this issues. These fans who troll each other and quarrel about their hero's movies and collections normally have united against one issue. So, it is up to you to decide how much people have become sick of this now.

Easy to provocate people by hurting their feelings, but not easy to escape from that. The issue is not just about Pawan Kalyan or his supporters. It is about Sri Reddy and her follower's intentions who have become a nuisance to the people. People are aware that she was given many chances by the movie industry, but she CHOSE TO JUST CREATE SENSATION.  Are people fools to fall into the trap of such tricks? 


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