Madhavilatha Silent Protest Against Sri Reddy

By - April 18, 2018 - 12:00 PM IST

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After Sri Reddy's disgusting comments on Pawan Kalyan, it has become a bigger issue now. Pawan Kalyan who was quizzed regarding Sri Reddy's issue expressed his opinion that the law and order need to take these things into consideration. He also dropped a piece of advise that the victims need to take things into their hands and land complaints about action to be taken, rather than sensationalism.

Furious over this statement(though there is a valid point in PK's statement), Sri Reddy made a derogatory statement on Pawan Kalyan. Not only that she differed from his statement, but also abused him using unparliamentary language. Her words are not just derogatory, but also provocative. Thousands of Pawan Kalyan fans and the common people are outraged for using such vulgar language on a national stage.

Actress Madhavilatha who also is against the Casting Couch in the movies is not in the support of Sri Reddy. It is clear because Sri Reddy who has gained so much popularity is now misleading the whole cause. Madhavilatha who is hurt by unnecessary comments passed on Pawan Kalyan for just expressing his views, announced a silent protest in support of the Power Star.

She was there at the film chamber there protesting silently with play cards. There were several other people who protested silently along with Actress Madhavilatha. More details will follow. 

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