Political Exploitation Of Talkative Girls

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Just because you are talented don’t think that you will become successful and rich. There are many smart brains in this world who have an eye for talent like you and most importantly, a brain that knows how to exploit you for their gains. So, you need to be watchful of who you are associating when it comes to career and work.

The cinema industry is one place where the naïve and innocent often get exploited. The best example for that is the good looking girls who step into the circuit with the hope of becoming big heroines. They are exploited in a big way and eventually, they end up getting depressed or take alternative means to shape a career.

Akin to that, even the political field has an eye for one type of girls. Those who are very talkative and can add a little glamour to their personality are often tapped by the political parties because that adds a lot of attention quotient. The recent incident of actress Sri Reddy being taken to Osmania University and the OU JAC supporting her is nothing but that. Make a note folks!

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