Shocking: RGV Fan Attacks Pawan Kalyan?

By - May 19, 2018 - 01:07 PM IST

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Once you step into politics after being a superstar in the cinema industry, you become more accessible to the public not just as a politico but also as someone with an ideology which some of them may not like. Due to this, the aura that is earned by cinema is lost very soon and the cine glamour is overshadowed by total political flavor.

Power star Pawan Kalyan has got a strong following as a film star and right now he is trying to repeat the act as a real-life politician. However, he is facing his share of brickbats. While that is natural, the interpretation out of it is rather funny. It is known the news that recently a young man got onto Pawan’s car and tried pushing him.

Now, one picture is going viral which shows the same young man taking a picture with the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma. So, whoever is attacking Pawan is being touted as an RGV fan. Well, some are saying this is being done just for fun and the response to this link is quite interesting. Wonder what RGV has to say to this.


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