Film Promotion Became A Separate Business

By - May 19, 2018 - 10:24 AM IST

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No matter how good a story you have and how well you have conceived it during the shooting, if it is not taken into the people in an aggressive manner, your film is bound to sink at the box office. Basically, promotion of film has become a very critical and crucial requirement to gain success and here is an interesting observation.

Basically, film promotion has become a big business opportunity. The job of taking the film to the maximum public, giving ideas on how to cut the trailer, how to create a buzz on various platforms of media, planning a strategy for online hype and spiking up the visibility quotient is the need of the hour for almost all the films.

If someone can come up with a company like that and provide all these services it is going to be a great business and growth would be very high. Till now, the Telugu Film Industry has been following the traditional route of going through PROs but if someone can take the tip and create something more professional, they will prosper.

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