Business Behind Fake Views For Film Trailers

By - May 19, 2018 - 10:09 AM IST

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The pattern of promotions is slowly undergoing a transformation and more than the electronic or print, many films are focusing strongly on the online medium. They know that internet is ruling the roost everywhere and nothing can take their movie to the maximum masses than this. As a result, they have also changed their formula of publicity.

We are now having poster release, teaser release, motion posters, first look and what not. The buck doesn’t stop here. The movie teams ensure such releases get maximum views online to generate that buzz and hype. As such, a business is happening in this format wherein the only objective is to keep the view counter spiking.

Some Facebook groups are there and if you pay them what they want, they will ensure the film’s promotion material will reach the maximum netizens. Also, they ensure that the online folks are compelled to see the trailer and hence a different format of fake views is getting generated. That’s the whole story folks!

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