Season Started For Film Lyricists

By - July 01, 2018 - 01:58 PM IST

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Among the 24 crafts of cinema, the department of song writing is not only challenging but also not that lucrative unless you are in the top league. Most of the lyricists step into this segment out of pure passion towards writing songs and economically it is an okay story. But then, they have their best season once in five years and here are the details.

Well, once in 5 years the election season will start and that is when all the political parties are keen to come up with their own set of albums and songs praising themselves or their party heads. They approach lyricists for the songs and this is a harvest time for the latter. The budget ranges from 2k to 20k per song and it depends on the party and the leader.

Right from the MLAs to MPs to other political heads, they will get songs written and there are also times when some of the chartbuster tunes are copied and replaced with these lyrics. Whatever it may be, the film lyricists are now pumped up with their pen to make the most of the election season. Wishing them the best fortune!

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