Poonam Kaur Follows Renu Desai, Quits Twitter

By - July 02, 2018 - 10:25 AM IST

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After Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai got engaged recently, there was huge drama episode around. Some of the fans threatening Renu Desai became the topic of discussion. After that Renu Desai decided to quit her microblogging site Twitter.

It seems like Poonam Kaur is following the path of Renu Desai. After slamming a website for writing stuff against her, Poonam Kaur seems to have taken this decision. Poonam Kaur has been targeting a popular director via her posts and social media writings.

No specific reason has been quoted behind her ranting on the director. She even mentioned that the director has been paying a few media people to defame her. Well, how far this is true no one knows. While some of the netizens feel that Poonam Kaur is simply carrying a grudge on the filmmaker for being responsible for her mediocre career, others opine that Poonam is simply over-reacting.

After all the drama on Twitter Poonam Kaur simply quits it. “On this #SocialMediaDay2018 …. I m leaving u … as it’s creating only confusions to something extremely deep within me ….vulnerability makes only one beautiful when it’s understood … not when mis judged n taken for granted … I don’t know when I will b back …. god bless", is what Poonam wrote before she deactivated her microblogging site.

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