Tejaswi's Last Punch To Kaushal Was A shocker

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Actress Tejaswi Madivada who got eliminated from the Bigg Boss house yesterday had dropped the Bigg Bomb on Ganesh. She appeared to be quite sportive when she left the Bigg Boss house.

Nani had asked Tejaswi to give her opinions on each member of the Bigg Boss house. She was even asked to give them a score of ten. While Tejaswi gave Samrat, Tanish and Babu Gogineni ten for ten, she had given every other member eight marks.

Tejaswi affirmed that she was never wrong about Kaushal and he was one of the most selfish members she has ever seen. When she had to talk to any two members for one last time before she left, she told her besties Samrat and Tanish to play well.

While everything was about to get finished, she took one more minute to bash Kaushal. "Kaushal, you might win the game. But, I have won the hearts of all", Tejaswi told to Kaushal. This was not expected at all. Though there were differences between all, Tejaswi had cleared it all after her birthday. But, it seems like she has not cleared the baggage off in Kaushal's case. A bit rude it was.

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