Dirty Pictures On Internet

By - September 02, 2018 - 05:02 PM IST

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One of the main reasons why the Bollywood flick ‘The Dirty Picture’ got its significance is, more than the life story of Silk Smitha it also showed how nudity and sex is shown in the name of glamour and entertainment. Since then, many have been using this title for referring to bold content on any platform.

Now, a series of ‘dirty pictures’ are now surfacing on the internet and this is happening due to the increasing demand towards digital content. Taking this as the cue, many are coming up with some adult stuff. In the name of web series a lot of nudity has increased. It is not just the nudity but also the lovemaking scenes which have risen.

The main cause for this spike is the initiative from the actresses. Many girls are becoming ready for going nude and even for lovemaking scenes without any hesitation. Incidentally, they are doing all this just for instant popularity. The point to remember is, if the project has big casting the popularity and branding would come for these girls otherwise they would get degraded.

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