'C/O Kancharapalem' Film Collection Box Office Reports

By - October 03, 2018 - 09:30 AM IST

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There is a distinct line between what is being projected and what the actual truth is. This happens a lot when announcing the collection figures of a film. Most of the times, the makers are keen to project good numbers and create a hype and brand out of it but the insiders know the actual numbers and it is an eye opener.

The latest example to that is ‘C/O Kancharapalem’. Though a lot of figures are being quoted and a lot of biggies also spoke high about the film, the collections were not as expected. Trade analysts are predicting that the total share is about 2 crores and hundred percent theatre occupancy has not been registered.

Many say such movies will work but it doesn’t work always. Despite doing extensive publicity and promotion along with strong push from the industry folks if the film stops at 2 or 3 crores share, what is the point? That way, handling such movies is tough. Of course movie making cost is 50 lakhs and it was bought for 1 crore. It is not a loss but it is certainly not a crazy sensation.


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