Rumors On Half Baked Attempts

By - November 19, 2018 - 03:55 PM IST

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Whenever a promising and highly anticipated project is in the offing, there is a tendency to come up with a lot of speculations and grapevine surrounding it. While some turn out to be true, there are many which fizzle out eventually. And then there are those which get into research and analysis mode.

The biopic on the great N T Rama Rao is currently going as per plan and it looks set for January 2019 release in two parts but here is the thing. A new update is making rounds that the intellectual filmmaker Krish has suggested Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna to use the voice of his father for dialogues wherever possible.

Those who heard this are saying using the voice of NTR for speeches is fine but for other dialogues using Balayya’s voice would be the right thing to do. Meanwhile, few others are saying this sounds very half baked and term it as a gossip. At the end of the day, this idea is definitely not something to be praised because how can a voice be half-half.

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