Baby Shakes AR Rahman's Attention

By - November 19, 2018 - 04:55 PM IST

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The Mozart of Madras A R Rahman has been a renowned celebrity since decades but the one thing that is known about him is, he is a rather private person and doesn’t make much noise on social media or any platform. Hence, it came as a surprise to many when his attention was caught by an unknown lady in a remote village.

The trending topic among cine circuit is about this person called Baby who sang a chartbuster of Rahman and mesmerized with her voice. That video got circulated among many and it reached all the way to Rahman. Luck favors the fortunate, there are many like Baby in this country but only someone like her got the attention.

Baby hails from Vadisaleru village which happens to be the neighbouring village of logic director Sukumar. Right from Raghu Kunche to Kalyani Malik to Koti to R P Patnaik, all are now giving chances to her. With Rahman tweeting about Baby, her reputation has grown exponentially. This is a sheer case of pure luck for Baby so let us wish she makes the most of it.

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