Constitutional Case On Top Actor

By - November 19, 2018 - 05:26 PM IST

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It is often believed that in order to be in the topmost league of heroes, one needs to be clear of any controversies and must maintain a very good boy image. However, none of those things apply for the stars of Bollywood. When looked closely, almost all the top listed heroes have their share of controversies and issues.

Among them, the mighty heart of Bollywood Salman Khan stands first. His life has been filled with many controversies and in a way he has become quite immune to them. The latest row involving Salman happens to be a scene in his upcoming movie ‘Bharat’ and a constitutional case has been filed on him for a reason.

Apparently, the team of ‘Bharat’ has been shooting in a village in Punjab and as part of one scene, they hoisted the flag of Pakistan which ticked off the local villagers. They attacked the sets and also filed a case against Salman and team for this. Of course, this is not really going to make much of an impact to Salman.


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