Vikram Accepts A Thriller

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Senior hero Rajasekhar and couple of other heroes including Manchu family have shown interest in remaking Don’t Breathe, which is an English thriller. But they have all backed out as they were apprehensive. 

Don't Breathe is about this blind man's story which inspired our guys to make silly comedy movies like Raja The Great. But in the original film, the protagonist is the villain and kills a girl and two other people. This film is now being remade by Vikram in Tamil and is titled Kadaram Kondan. In the Tamil version, the protagonist is made to look like an honest cop who lost his eyes and how he engages with some thieves is the story. 

They are said to have removed the 'impregnating' part. It takes guts anyway for a star hero to play blind man, and we have to appreciate Vikram for that. This is a thriller and we have to see how much Vikram would be able to do it.

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