Sivaji Raja's Return Gift To Nagababu!

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Comedian Sivaji Raja is making super comedy about Nagabau, regarding MAA elections. After losing MAA elections, Sivaji Raja is making silly comments on actor Naresh, who has won the battle. Though MAA elections have not much importance, why Sivaji Raja is trying to make it as a big political drama? Nobody knows.

It is a known factor that Nagababu has extended his support to Naresh Panel, which now comes into power. Last time, Rajendra Prasad team (Sivaji Raja is one of them) won the game that too with ‘Mega’ support. But, this time Sivaji Raja failed to get Mega support because of various issues. While supporting Naresh Panel, Nagababu cleared the air that it is not good to take over the ‘Chair of MAA’ second time, so that he is supporting Naresh Panel. ‘He (Sivaji Raja) is my friend, but I cannot support him this time’ Nagababu said.

However, with complete anger, that too without proper reason Sivaji Raja has warned Nagababu and said that ‘For sure, I will give return gift to Nagababu’. Earlier It was Telangana Rashtra Samithi Chief and Telangana Chief Minister KCR, who has first taken it limelight the word ‘Return Gift’. But, this time it was turned as a comedy because of Sivaji Raja.


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