Can Mia Khalifa Do It Like Sunny Leone?

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After quitting porn career Sunny Leone entered into Bollywood and she got unexpected fame in Indian cinema. But, before entering into Bollywood, Sunny Leone has so much criticism and she is still feeling the heat.

Coming to the point, now it is Mia Khalifa, one more ex Porn star is gearing up for her wedding and there are so many speculations stating as she is also looking towards Bollywood to make her debut in Indian cinema. Earlier it was reported that for one of the famous Malayalam filmmaker has tried to import Mia Khalifa to South cinema, but it hasn't happened due to various reasons. But, now the ground was prepared and Mia Khalifa is all set to make her debut on Indian cinema soon, that too with a Bollywood film.

On the other hand, Mia Khalifa has announced recently that she will be getting married. Will, she also took the path that was created by Sunny Leone in Bollywood?

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