Bigg Boss 3: Dass Dominates Dev!

By - September 09, 2019 - 01:40 PM IST

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Dev and Dass have appeared in one stage and as usual, the stage has created sensational vibes all over. Dev aka King Akkineni Nagarjuna and Dass aka Natural Star Nani did their best for Bigg Boss 3 Reality show weekend episode, which was telecasted yesterday.

Though there is lots of negativity, which was circulated in social media against King Nag, the show has turned super hot with ‘RAPO’ between King Nag and Natural Star Nani. As usual, Nag has hosted this weekend episode in his style, Nani has added extra josh to the show, with his natural style.

“Naa.. Nee… TV” the Nani’s mark was re-sounded very well in the Bigg Boss 3 and it resembles Bigg Boss 2, which was hosted by Nani. On the other hand, contestants have shocked to see Natural Star Nani on the stage and off course they have enjoyed Nani’s presence in a celebration mode.

Nani has promoted his Gang Leader movie on the stage of Bigg Boss and he said bye-bye to the team after lots of electrifying moments. In the meantime, Ali Reza was eliminated from the bigg house this week.

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