'Why Cheat India' Movie Review & Rating

By - January 18, 2019 - 02:11 PM IST

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Film: Why Cheat India
Directed by: Soumik Sen
Written by: Soumik Sen
Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwanthary
Background Score: Neel Adhikari
Cinematography: Y. Alphonse Roy
Edited by: Dipika Kalra
Produced by: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Tanuj Garg, Atul Kasbekar, Parveen Hashmi
Production Company: T-Series Films, Ellipsis Entertainment, Emraan Hashmi Films 
Music by: Rochak Kohli, Guru Randhawa, Krsna Solo, Kunaal-Rangon, Agnee, Soumik Sen
Distributed by:
Panorama Studios
Release date: 18 January 2019
Running time: 121 minutes
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Rating: 2/5

Why Cheat India is the latest movie in the theatres, the film is said to be an exciting comedy-drama film written and directed by Soumik Sen. The movie has Emraan Hashmi, and Shreya Dhanwanthary in the lead roles and Emraan is seen in a completely different role in the film. The theatrical trailer of the movie has opened to a positive talk, and it also raised expectations in the audiences. The movie is hitting the screens today and check out what we have felt about the film.


Rakesh Singh (Emraan Hashmi) is a con man who decides to take advantage of an academic world. He comes out with different ideas to gain control over the same. Rakesh is into all the scams related to the education. He brings in good students and turns them into prey for his deeds. Rakesh enrols the students to write proxy exams for students who are unable to make it big. Later, he also issues fake degrees to all of them. How did Rakesh's life affect with the entry of Sattu (Snigdhadeep Chatterjee)? Who is Sattu? What are his dreams? How did both the lives cross paths? Forms the story of the movie.


Emran Hashmi played the lead role in the movie, and he is perfect as Rakesh Singh. Emran delivered the most excellent performance and pulled off his character with various qualities like confidence, wit and cunning. There is ease in his performance which helped the audiences connect to the actor he played. Shreya Dhanwantary is the newcomer in the movie, and she was given a decent role in the film. She impressed with looks and shined well in her character. Snigdhadeep Chatterjee was also cast well in a nicely written role. There are a few other notable actors in the movie who performed their job well.

Technical Aspects:

The camera work of the movie is pleasant. The tone of the film suited the story well, and there are a lot of brilliant visuals in Why Cheat India. Most of the movie is humorous but at times becomes too routine. The performances are good, but the script failed to give scope for the actors to come up with their best. The music is just okay as not a song from the film is hummable. The background score of the movie by Neel Adhikari is okay too. The editing is fine. Technically, the film appears good and looks like well-made, but the major drawback lies in writing. The production values of the movie are lavish.


The director has consumed an exciting point for the story of the movie. The way it was developed, and the scenes written around it is impressive, but the execution played the villain for the movie. There is nowhere the viewers could find solace with the film, especially in the second half. The weak narration and dragged scenes test the patience of the audiences. The steadier screenplay could have helped the movie to enter the next level. The film had its flaws, but unfortunately, they are open and not dominated by the positive aspects of the film. On the whole, the film might not be a serious take on the flaws and loopholes of the education system, but it just gives a view of the same. Had it been a serious take, the film would have made more sense.

Plus Points:


Minus Points:

Dragged Scenes

Final Verdict:
A passable flick for the weekend!

Review By Ram


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