Game Over Movie Review And Rating

By - June 14, 2019 - 12:48 PM IST

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Directed by: Ashwin Saravanan
Produced by: S. Sashikanth, Chakravarthy Ramachandra
Written by: Ashwin Saravanan
Telugu dialogues: Venkat Kacharla
Story by: Ashwin Saravanan, Kaavya Ramkumar
Starring: Taapsee Pannu and others
Music by: Ron Ethan Yohann
Cinematography: A. Vasanth
Edited by: Richard Kevin
Production Company: Y NOT Studios and Reliance Entertainment
Release date: 14 June 2019
Running time: 103 minutes
Language: Telugu

iQlik Movies Rating: 2.75/5


Swapna (Taapsee) is a video game lover. She is not just someone who loves to play video games but also became a video game developer. A gruesome incident that took place in the past constantly troubles Swapna but she tries to come out of it by attending therapy sessions. At this particular point of time, some series of events take place in her life that turns everything upside down. What happens to Swapna? What is her bitter past? Did she overcome her trauma? forms the film's plot.


Taapsee Pannu is outstanding in the film. After a long time, she got to play a substantial role in the movie which offered her a scope to reveal her potential. As a timid girl, Taapsee is just perfect in the role. Her way of understanding characters changed over the years.

She breathed life into Swapna role and impressed the audiences. Vinothini who played maid in the film also delivered a fine performance. The rest of the cast made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

The conversations of the movie sometimes appear natural and sometimes look pale. The dialogues in some scenes could have been better. The technical team really worked hard in coming up with the grand output. Ron Ethan Yohan’s haunting background score took the viewing experience to the next level.

Also, the camera work of Vasanth is a major asset of the movie. The editing is crisp. The scene transitions are nice. The production design is excellent. The production values are lavish.


Director Ashwin Saravanan tried to narrate the film's story in a different manner which he successfully pulled off with the movie Maya. There are a lot of metaphors on the troubles that every woman these days is facing in society. Ashwin has conveyed them so well. The narrative structure of the movie is so intriguing. The first half of the film totally focuses on the characterization of Taapsee. The director made sure that we constantly follow the ups and downs of Taapsee. The only disappointment of the movie is the climax which could have been much better. After loosening all the threads, had there been any explanation about the paranormal layers, it would have made more sense in the ending. Still, Game Over is not a bad film and it thrills the audiences totally!

Plus Points:

Taapsee's Performance
Camera Work

Minus Points:

More Detailing could have helped

Final Verdict:
'Game Over' offers a Thrilling Ride


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