Mallesham Movie Review and Rating

By - June 21, 2019 - 11:18 AM IST

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Directed by: Raj Rachakonda
Produced by: Sri Adhikari, Raj Rachakonda, Suresh Productions
Written by: Raj Rachakonda, Peddinti Ashok Kumar
Starring: Priyadharshi, Ananya Nagalla, Jhansi Others
Music by: Mark K Robin
Cinematography: Balu Sandilyasa
Edited by: Raghavendar Vuppuganti
Production Company: Suresh Productions
Release date: 21 June 2019
Language: Telugu

iQlik Movies Rating: 3/5

Not everything we read is history and not everything we know is life. There are a lot of great people and great lives which we haven't seen or come across. Because some great stories never got scripted and the life of a few great people also was never told. One of those stories is about the life of Chintakindi Mallesham. check out Mallesham Movie Review and Rating here.

Mallesham, a Class VI dropout won a prestigious Padmasri Award from Government of India for inventing an 'Asu machine'. Given his education background, Mallesham stands out for his top contribution to handloom weavers. His story has now been weaved as a film 'Mallesham'. To learn about his gift to the weavers and his hardships he faced in making it possible are presented in this biopic.

Mallesham (Priyadarshi) loves his mother Lakshmi (Jhansi) dearly. So, Mallesham who sees his mother's hard work in weaving a simple loom from morning to night starts thinking about how he could help in making her work easy. He knew it is difficult but decides to make an Asu machine', which can weave a Pochampalli saree in just 1.5 hours.

Understanding the efficiency of a machine, Mallesham plans to design it as a replacement to handloom so that it can ease his mother's work. Since then, he quests to design and implement an Asu machine. And, he devotes his life to make his dream a reality. In the process, Mallesham goes through many insults. But, it remains to be seen on the big screen to know what Mallesham has achieved with continuous support from friends, wife and his sixth-grade knowledge.


All these days, we have seen Priyadarshi as just a comedian. But, he will present his complete skill set in Mallesham. He will entertain audiences with all type of emotions - playfulness, bravery, innocence and determination. Jhansi, who played mother role, also got a key role and she did a fine job. The performance of Ananya also is quite natural. Since the makers recruited fresh faces for almost all roles, there was no question of the image coming into the picture.

Technical Aspects:

Producers must be very daring, to bring such stories on to the big screen. Also, the director must have a special passion to make these kinds of films and that is why he made a biopic of Padma Sri award winner. One must appreciate the filmmaker for having kept this film far away from commercial elements. The dialogues, scenes and songs are quite natural and impressive. Also, the art direction team deserve a pat on their back for replicating the old days very brilliantly.


A biopic is always made on a winner and our hero Mallesham also is triumphant. It's a miracle to see how a person with sixth class knowledge has gone on to invent an Asu Machine. But, it was not an easy task. Mallesham had to go through many obstacles, bad experiences, and insults in the process. The film isn't just about how Mallesham invented the machine, but it also presents other aspects to it. Most importantly, Mallesham's love and affection towards his mother. It is the root cause for Mallesham to invent an Asu machine. Secondly, the relationship between husband and wife. The love story between Mallesham and his wife will move you. The message this film offers- when you come across a big defeat, you never should crumble or take an extreme decision because you will soon be placed before another opportunity.

In the process of inventing an Asu Machine, Mallesham has lost several times and his family, friends ask him to stop making further attempts on it. Even the viewer who's watching the film in theatres feels the same. But, after multiple insults and bad experiences, he finally emerges out as a triumphant. The story of Mallesham has been blended well with Telangana culture and dialect.

Though it's a three-decade-old story, the director has ensured to present the film quite naturally and he was brilliant with his taking. Childhood of Mallesham, the games he played with friends and efforts he made to watch a Chiranjeevi's film are few interesting and funny episodes in the movie.

The love story of Mallesham is a heartfelt one and the struggles he faces in the city will make your heart heavy. Songs and dialogues are impressive and most importantly, the emotions are perfectly executed. But, the second half of the film will test your patience because the director tries to present the story at a very low pace. The film seems like a semi-documentary and those who know well about Asu Machine and handloom weavers will surely get connected to the film. But, others may feel it as a science. Though the screenplay has some minor errors and faults, the overall effort of Mallesham is successful.

Plus Points:
Actors Performance

Minus Points:
Slow narration

Final Verdict: Mallesham..story of an incredible person

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