Peddanna Review and Rating

By - November 04, 2021 - 02:08 PM IST

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Film: Peddanna
Original: Annatthe (Tamil)
Release Date: November 04, 2021
Starring: Rajinikanth, Keerthi Suresh, Kushbu, Meena, Nayanthara, Jagapathi Babu and Others
Director: Siva
Producer: Kalanithi Maran
Music Director: D.Imman
Cinematography: Vetri
Editor: Ruben

iQlikMovies Rating: 2.25/5

Veeranna (Rajinikanth) and Kanakam (Keerthy Suresh) are siblings. Veeranna loves Kanakam a lot and fixes marriage to her. However, on the wedding day, Kanakam elopes. After six months, Veeranna comes to know that Kanakam is in a lot of problems in Kolkata. What did Veeranna do? What is Kanakam doing in Kolkata? What happens in the end? Forms the film's story.

Peddanna is a proper commercial format film that has got a lot of regular drama. The performances of the actors also look like a repeated version of themselves from their earlier films. Probably, it is very easy for all the actors to do this film as it does not involve any special effort.

Rajinikanth is amazing as usual. Nayanthara looks good on the screen but her chemistry with Rajinikanth does not work. Keerthy Suresh's role does not have enough scope to perform. Meena, Khushboo, and others are good but they do not have much to add here. There is nothing more to talk about the film's cast.

Technical Aspects:
Visually and technically, the film looks grand but there is no soul in the film. The camera work is exceptional and the visuals in the village are eye-pleasing. The editing is okay but a lot of regular and boring scenes test the patience of the audience.

The makers worked hard on the Telugu dubbing and we can understand it easily. The music is a minus for the film as none of the songs impressed the audiences. The background score is loud. There is nothing special about the film. The production values are grand.

The film is based on a story that happens in the village. Siva restricts the film to a rural backdrop in the first half. The film failed with the story itself. An outdated story that is witnessed multiple times makes no sense in the current times.

Rajinikanth failed to shine in this routine and regular family drama that does not have any logic. The sentiment factor is also not dealt with properly. No character has a proper closure and with too much happening, the audiences literally lose the connection with the movie. The outdated drama has been dealt with in a pathetic manner and it ends in a bore-fest.

Plus Points:
Few comedy scenes
Action scenes

Minus Points:

Final Verdict: 'Peddanna' offers a bore-fest!


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