Tollywood gets their first Khan

September 12, 2013
Tollywood gets their first Khan

There has been a complete revolution in the film industry in the recent years which has affected all the industries over India. Due to the increased rate of marketing and promotion and also globalizing a film and having shows in both multiplexes as well as single screens have really turned the tide for the business. The profit margins are increasing to a high amount day by day and the films are competing with each other to make records in terms of box office collection. This huge margin of profit has also allowed the filmmakers to invest in new concepts and ideas and high budget movies. The Bollywood industry has been the major industry in India with international market and internationally acclaimed superstars. But now days the regional movies are also doing well business throughout the country that includes the Telegu movies, Tamil movies, Bhojpuri movies as well as Bengali movies.

The idea about Tollywood

The name “Tollywood” has a little bit of controversy around it as two leading movie making industries in India is known by the name of Tollywood. This includes the Telegu cinema industry as well as the Bengali film industry. In this topic, we are discussing about the Bengali film industry. The name Tollywood has been taken from the name of a place called Tollygunje where all the major studios are located. The Bengali film industry was very glorified once due to the legends of Indian cinema history like Satyajit Ray, Uttam Kumar, Soumitra Chatterjee, Rittwick ghatak.After their demise that golden era came to an end and Bengali films went through a stagnant and directionless phase. But recently there has been a revival in the movies both in commercial as well as parallel movies. Many stars have become famous and given one after one blockbuster hits. This includes the likes of veteran actor Prosenjit, Mithun Chakroborty along with young actors like Jeet,Dev,Sohom.even parallel film actors like Abir and Parambrata has got a lot of fan following. The newest member to this list is Shoaib Khan.

The debut of Shoaib khan

Shoaib Khan is all set to make his debut in Tollywood in director Rajiv Chatterjees upcoming movie “Knock Out”. This director has given many blockbuster hits including “Paglu”, “Vikram Singha” and “Idiot” and working with him is sure to be beneficial to the newcomer. He has been promoted heavily as the Tollywood’s first Khan. Bollywood industry has been dominated by Khans like Shahrukh.Amir, Salman, Saif etc.but Tollywood industry is yet to see any khan he is the first one and is certainly there to make an impact. He is paired opposite another newcomer Kinni.The actor claims he has a good chemistry with the heroine and he plays the role of Sunny Roy who lands in trouble in his every move. This film is a complete package of comedy, romance and action. Shoaib spent his childhood in Uttar Pradesh but his grandfather was one of the freedom fighters in Bengali which gave him the inspiration to work in Bengal. His role model in acting is Salman Khan and will try to follow his foot step.


This youngster is getting the perfect opportunity to step his foot in this industry and the buzz surrounding him is high. If he can match all this with his acting skills and charisma, then sky is the limit.


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