Fitness Secrets of the T'town Cupid Subbaraju

By - March 26, 2014 - 06:30 PM IST

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With a towering personality and handsome looks, Subbaraju, standing as high as 6’3” is one among the few tall gentlemen of our T'town, perhaps, the fittest among his generation of actors. An hour long chat with this grandee had revealed some really cool stuff about his movies and of course, his health & fitness secrets.
He is a representative of conventional fitness and a staunch believer in the traditional Indian way of keeping up his fitness! His diet is home cooked food when he doesn't shoot. And when into filming, all that goes into his plate is also a simple menu comprising of Rice, Dal & Sabzi menu with occasional Non- vegetarian recipes. Of course, some cheat foods and beverages when he hangs out with his buddies [Come on, who don’t!]. No wonder, why Rama Rajmouli expressed her awe (at the shoot of Baahubali) about how he keeps himself fit with considerably good quantities of just Rice and Sabzi while many zip their mouths with real strict low rice (or no rice diets) as prescribed by their trainers! Well, the major part of his fitness regime consists of core muscle strengthening.
And folks! Here goes another astonishing fact for you -
He doesn't often hit the gym for these workouts. All the core building and body sculpting of this actor happens at home with parallel bars, desi ishtyle push-ups and pull-ups and lot more conventional body weight workouts. Nevertheless, SP Balasubramanyam garu once fondly termed him a 'Greek God'.
A simple line from this ‘Greek God’ explains his holistic and matured approach towards health & fitness which is unarguably inspiring -

"Having a healthy and functionally fit body is something like having a well-built house with strong foundation and how you want your body to look like, whether you want a six pack or you want bigger biceps is just like how you want to decorate your house"
So people! Do you want to get fit the Subbaraju's way? If so, then here are your take-ways at a glance -
-> Home-made food, almost always.
-> Fitness Regime.
-> He works out for four days in a week for one hour each day.
-> His work outs include mostly body weight exercises like push-ups or pull ups using parallel bars.

His focus areas:
-> Core muscle building and functional fitness (Building a body capable of being a hero for real-life activities in real-life positions).

Actor's tip: Cleansing your body inside out and having a healthy digestive system is the key to all health and fitness!
Well, Tollywood be ready! Another incredibly fit actor is on his way to make a mark for his ever fit looks, may be you are going to find another ever young personality Akkineni Nagarjuna?!
So, this is the True blue ‘Bheemavaram Cupid’ for you this week. Shall catch up with yet another svelte celebrity with his/her fitness secrets shortly…

- researched and written by Mrs. Purnima Raghavendra
(The author is an ace Fitness Trainer and Expert Nutritionist)